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Meet Smirk (hint: we are talking about you)

Over time we have a tendency to get really good at lying to ourselves. We try to be someone we are not. Either for status, for personal dreams that we have held onto for too long, for other people's interpretation of who we are, social pressures, familial pressures, populism, etc. There are far too many reasons why some of us have a hard time being genuinely honest with ourselves. 

However, if you take the time…if you find those things that give you joy and reduce the things that don’t. If you tap into the very nature of your being. If you are brutally honest with yourself when it comes to the direction and activities in life you seek and evaluating their value and worth to you, you will live a purposeful life and you’ll be a heck of a lot happier doing it.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy. It takes time, it takes a process, but if you put in the work, create your new habits and rituals and make hard choices along the way, potentially sacrificing short-term gratification for something way more valuable, you will find the person that you have been chasing your whole life.

At SmirkPerk, we call that person Smirk. You are Smirk. Well...maybe not right now, but Smirk is there. Your Smirk is inside you. Smirk is inside everyone. Smirk is our ideal self; the person that we strive to be but instead have knowingly or unknowingly created numerous hurdles in our life making it more and more challenging to accomplish. Each hurdle takes time to knock down. It takes patience and diligence. The longer we wait to attack these hurdles, the longer it will take to get the job done. It is also something that happens alone. Independent. Internally. Each one of us must go through a process to identify our hurdles and then, through persistence, knock them down.

Our goal at SmirkPerk is to give you the tools and resources is a very simple, easy-to-digest manner so that you can indentify and incorporate small things in your life that will make a massive difference in your happiness and living your true self. Along the way, you will identify potential hurdles, knock them down and make sure they stay down. That’s the perk side. We have several PERKS that will help you bring out your SMIRK. Are you with us? 


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